Looking Back on 2021: A Year in Review

Quantrerall positioned at the forefront of tech innovation, engineering and growth


If we have to rate 2021, we will give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Here is why:

  1. Quanterall’s team grew by 240% — from 35 to 85 employees in just 12 months;
  2. Except Software solutions and Blockchain, our R&D Lab started work on three new tech verticals — Bioinformatics, Augmented Reality, and Quantum Computing;
  3. Quanterall Academy opened doors and started educational programs on functional programming languages Haskell, Erlang, and Elixir; Linux/DevOps and even two Blockchain bootcamps!

In this article you will read a lot the word ,,we’’. Because ,,we” — the amazing team behind Quanterall, are the main heroes of the achievements that we write about. Because if it was not ,,we”, it could have never happened.

Below we will elaborate the success that we are genuinely proud of.

Quanterall’s core business — custom software development achievements.

Through the past year, we signed key partnerships with great companies in the tech industry. A long-term contract with one of the best-performing companies worldwide — SAP has been launched.

Moreover, we initialised working on Triton — an AI platform created for custom data analysis pipelines for company evaluation.

Over and above that, we completed valuable projects with ProSapient — the world’s first Primary Research Platform and Catalyx — s Canada’s Premier Cryptocurrency Exchange.

In the past 12 months, we have also worked with IOHK, developing smart contracts on Cardano Blockchain in Haskell and Marlowe. We had the opportunity to meet some of Cardano’s core team and work together.

What is more, we were happy and honoured to receive such warm reviews from some of our clients on our Clutch profile.

Many thanks to SumUp — the payment solution provider, and Three Stars — the official sub-agent for COSCO Shipping Lines.

The quality work and the bond that we built with the partners gave us the chance to launch projects that will be developed in the future.

Quanterall’s stellar team is growing!

The company is burgeoning!

Tech innovation, functional programming languages, cutting-edge technologies… all this help to fuel the company growth by finding and recruiting more talented and valuable people. Because what we do is different, interesting and innovative.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels

We attracted a Rust and several more amazing Haskell, Elixir and Erlang developers. In addition to this, we are forming a solid Blockchain unit.

Besides that, several experienced Java programmers have joined the team. Some of them are knowledgeable veterans, which we call “programming dinosaurs’. Their accumulated professional experience gives great importance to the company and plays a crucial role among the less experienced programmers. That helped us to offer a career kickstart for many young people.

We were present at the JobTiger career forum this year. Our mission was to attract many bright and motivated Juniors and experienced Senior Developers and we undoubtedly accomplished it. We loaded our tech team with incredibly powerful weapons.

The company and the culture

We improved our internal policies, planning, budgeting, and organisational structure.

Our benefits package in 2020 consisted of the following perks: Free MultiSport card, Additional health & Dental insurance, and Marriage bonus & Bonus for a newborn.

In 2021, it has been improved by adding: Additional Monthly Bonus in cryptocurrency (ADA, SOL, and AVAX), Employee Referral Bonus Program, Birthday voucher, and Regular home delivery of a basket with organic and healthy products. For more information on the last one, read our article about the Healthy Branch initiative at Quanterall.

Furthermore, Each Friday we Organise Popular Science Lectures — about an hour long online lectures on various interesting topics open for everyone to join! This initiative aims to raise the general common sense and the curiosity of the employees and the audience, to give an opportunity to interact with a real scientist in the fields of Physics, Computer Science, Space, Astronomy, Biotechnology, and of course, programming. These lectures we organise together with the Institute for Advanced Physical Studies — IAPS.

In 2021, we also launched the Extreme programming sessions with the interns. Currently, we are working on developing techniques and methodologies that unlock the potential of effective work.

And except the hard work, we can mention that we have more babies on board — in 2021 many of our colleagues became parents.

Quanterall Academy

During the summer Quanterall Academy officially started.

We gained success in presenting our Academy as an opportunity for students to do their practice and an infinitive source of new knowledge. Many people enrolled in our programs. There were more than 250 candidates for 3 internship programs — 2 Blockchain and 1 Bioinformatics group. We finished 2 Blockchain Bootcamps for different levels and we already have new classes ongoing.

After earning precious knowledge from the 10 mentors of Quanterall Academy, 31 of the students gained success in the test that they had to attend.

A great reward for all student’s effort is the job offer at Quanterall. We already employed several of the students!

We entered into a partnership with educational institutions — University of Economics — Varna; Technical University of Varna; Varna Free University; New Bulgarian University; Technological School Electronic Systems; Professional Technical School; and the Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering.

2021: the year of AVERATO IoT & Blockchain

One of our masterpieces is AVERATO — an IoT network for Vending payment automation.

In the wake of hard work in setting the environment, we developed cashless and contactless payment system for vending machines. The device that we created works with fiat and cryptocurrencies.

In 2021 we added payments to QR codes and virtual POS terminals. We are proud that payments with AVAX allow each company to receive payments in different currencies in users’ wallets.

AVERATO devices are used in the first Vending bar in Sofia, Bulgaria!

In addition to all this, we were a selected finalist in the contest “Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2021” and were given the honours of “Excellence in Innovation” for our AVERATO IoT system.


After a couple of months of work in the Bioinformatics field, the cooperation with 4 other companies, allowed us to start a project for a genomic data management platform for the company CellGenetics.

In parallel, we trained students from 10th to 12th grade to process genetic data, perform genomic and metagenomic analysis, and implement algorithms with applications in genomics. They learned to use a wide range of technologies — to write Bash commands, to use several tools from Bioconda, and to analyse data with R.

Since the beginning of November, we have been developing a genomic data management platform that allows efficient search, structuring, visualisation, and analysis of information on gene variants found in patients.

Smart Clothing

The Smart Clothing project started as a futuristic idea for a game-changer in the fashion industry. The special clothing line represents a collection of wellbeing solutions that could be easily integrated into our everyday lives. In 2021 we managed to grow the team from 4 to 6 people. We reached a higher level using a new material instead of the ordinary one. Instead of ordinary batteries, we moved tо more suitable and useful power bank. Furthermore, we began app development.

The Re-Branding — a brave new Quanterall

2021 for Quanterall was also a fresh new start for our brand! Not only did we re-branded the company but also created the sub-brands Quanterall Academy and Quanterall Electronics.

We created and launched not one or two but three websites — AVERATO, Quanterall Academy, and Quanterall.

And we are working constantly on providing value, educating, building solutions, change the world for the better. One step at a time.

In conclusion, 2021 was with no doubt an exciting and fruitful year for Quanterall. It is satisfying to see that all the efforts are worth it.

Thanks and kudos to everyone from Quanterall!

We consider this year as the first step of the way to the top! Looking forward to an amazing and even better 2022!

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