Quanterall x Cardano: Innovation Powerhouse

10 times Quanterall showcased brilliant use of Cardano Blockchain

Cardano is a public blockchain and cryptocurrency project determined to create an advanced and decentralized technological future. Through development of a new-generation system and protocols, this groundbreaking ecosystem can be used both for the needs of the private sector, as well as on governmental level. The long-term goals of the project are to spread free access to a fairer and more secure network in which communication, transactions and information exchange take place instantly and transparently.

Cardano describes itself as “the third generation cryptocurrency and blockchain”, making it one of the most ambitious projects trying to change the world today. The scalable and sustainable system is not just an idealistic idea, but also a proof of stake project — as of 2021, the IOHK ecosystem has been supported by a growing number of over million of like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs.

We like Cardano because we like the technology behind.

Our software development experts used the benefits of functional coding for the design of a highly secured environment, composed of multi-layered architecture. Technologies such as Haskell, Marlowe and Plutus were used to ensure seamless connectivity with improved speed and easier real-time support of all smart contracts and applications. We are happy that the professional enthusiasm and perseverance of our teams were rewarded with a series of shared successes.

Quanterall x Cardano: Development Timeline

1. Buy Coffee with Cardano

IoT Integration turns coffee machines into modern blockchain-based devices in our everyday life. Using Caradano’s coin — ADA and a Yoroi Wallet, now everyone can order their desired drinks with a simple QR code scan. The project unleashes new business and marketing opportunities for coffee providers seeking fast digital transactions and financial transparency.

2. Blockchain POS — Paying for groceries using Cardano

POS IoT solution allows Blockchain payment. The prototype shows off the ability to pay for groceries with ADA. With an easy checkout mobile system, payments can be performed in a secure environment where transaction information is auto-filled for a faster purchase.

3. Loan Contract written in Plutus

Presenting Quanterall’s first attempt at writing financial contracts over the Cardano blockchain. The demo shows off successful lending transactions performed with the help of Plutus and Marlowe languages.

4. Plugin for Payment and Remote Control via Blockchain and IoT

Another use of Cardano showcases payment and remote control through a web plugin. The Blockchain plugin can be easily embedded in any website for fast payment and IoT connection with devices. The demonstration shows the solution’s potential for the hospitality sector, where customers can easily scan codes, pay for electricity and manage lighting in their rooms.

5. Self-Checkout Blockchain System with Cardano

Introducing a Crypto PoS solution for stores — Cardano Self-Checkout system. The project optimizes business’ costs, saves time and resources, and pictures the stores of the future.

6. Marlowe — Annuity Contract with Cardano

Quanterall’s second attempt at writing financial contracts over the Cardano blockchain. By using the Marlowe language and ACTUS protocol, Annuity Smart Contract was developed. The demo shows off how the deposit and installment system works.

7. Charles Hoskinson meets Quanterall at IOHK Summit 2019

Throwback to Cardano’s 2nd Anniversary meetup in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on 28 of September, 2019. Quanterall’s team introduced Charles Hoskinson to our adoption of the technology within various IoT projects. The team is grateful to Cardano’s founder who was impressed by our work and encouraged our team’s hard working approach.

*Public Code: https://gitlab.com/cardano_contracts/…

8. Device to device payment with Cardano Blockchain

Cardano Blockchain used for device-to-device payments. The demo features the communication process between a vending machine and a power measurement device. With each transaction, ADA tokens take a portion of the revenue and send it over to the electricity company thus facilitating the transaction process between both parties.

9. Invoicing with Cardano Blockchain

Quanterall demonstrates invoice processing during payment and Invoice hash saving into Cardano Blockchain. The minimalistic interface simplifies accountants’ work with an easy access to data and export features for all invoices.

10. Crypto ATM demo with Kraken and Cardano ADA

Crypto ATM shows off an exchange between fiat money and digital currencies. The transaction is enabled with an easy QR scan and confirmation.The project facilitates and accelerates the application of cryptocurrencies.

BONUS: Quanterall’s team took part in the organization of Cardano’s 2nd birthday event in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The special occasion was joined by the Eastern European community.Read more about it here.

Currently, Quanterall’s team is working with Cardano’s Marlowe team on a generator of financial smart contracts, in which the user enters parameters and the system generates financial contracts following the ACTUS standard, written in Marlowe.

It is always a challenge and a pleasure to work with sophisticated and innovative technology. We are happy to be part of the technological development and blockchain adoption.

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